Severin Racing Shells was purchased from Wayne Severin in 2004 by Paul Smith and Andy Maclachlan, when it was re-named Macarbi Racing, falling under “The Rowshop cc”. The business has relocated from Benoni to Wemmer Pan aquatics club, and as a result is now more accessible to paddlers and oarspersons.

The business was started in 1993 with the aim to provide the South African rowing market with more affordable rowing boats, repairs & spares, with the eventual goal (which was succesfully achieved in 2004) to open a kayaking section in order to offer all products required by the South African canoeing market, linked directly to the best follow-up maintenance and repair service around.

In 2009 Macarbi very succesfully joined the cycling industry and opened their carbon bicycle frame and wheel repair section, repairing in excess of 50 carbon frames in their first season of business. All feedback was completely positive, and their reputation for the new venture has gone rapidly from strength to strength.

Macarbi Racing has a full range of products and services to meet all one’s paddling or rowing needs, from the individual client to the larger clubs in South Africa. They offer year round repairs to all types of boat from wooden shells to the latest honeycomb composite boats. Their cycle repair section is gaining in popularity too, as it now offers cyclists an opportunity to avoid discarding very expensive equipment, instead performing 100% sound repairs at a fraction of the original equipment price.

Management – The art of taking something great and making it fantastic.

The business is now owned by Andy Maclachlan and Stephen Riley (as a share holder). Andy has achieved at various levels in rowing and canoeing circles. He has won 7 University Boat races and numerous Blues titles in SA Student Colours during his academic days, captaining the Blues crew on most occasions. He is also the holder of 5 University Sportsman of the year titles, an awesome feat. On an international front, Andy has represented South Africa and participated in at least 40 international tours, gaining over 60 international caps, a number of those being at World Championship level. He has won most SA rowing titles during his rowing career, including the Grand Challenge and coveted Silver Sculls trophy on a number of occasions.

Andy is a relative beginner on the kayaking front, yet has achieved remarkably well in his paddling career.  He narrowly missed silver medals in the Dusi and Drak Marathons in his early years of paddling, after achieving a 3rd position in the K1 in the 2005 50 Miler race. He has also achieved two silver medals in the Fish Marathon to date, just missed a top 10 finish in the 2007 Umko Marathon, and achieved a top 30 position in the 2006 Fish.  He has also found himself on the podium for various other Gauteng races. Although he strictly considers himself a social paddler, he consistently finds himself finishing in the top 10% of most races.

Stephen Riley (factory manager) has also excelled on the paddling front, achieving top results in past South African canoe polo tournaments.

With the Macarbi management exhibiting this experience, the customer is offered a quality product from a boat and accessories provider with an intimate understanding of the sports. Macarbi recognizes one’s requirements and is constantly striving to discover new and dynamic innovations to make your experience more successful, pleasurable and as efficient as possible.

The Macarbi Offering:


Macarbi has identified the numerous requirements of SA rowing, with our international athletes having achieved medals at the highest level possible, and all developing athletes striving to do the same.  As a result, Macarbi has identified the manufacturers of the best rowing products available world-wide, and has secured the agency rights for these manufacturers. We strive to bring these products to our rowers as efficiently as possible, whilst doing our best to make them affordable for all athletes. Croker, Concept 2, Rowfit, Wintech, Olym Sports, NK, Coxmate, Martinoli are just a few of the products that Macarbi has on offer.

Spares, Repairs and Maintenance

Macarbi offers the best Spares, Repairs and Maintenance service in South Africa, by far.  Our recent record shows that we are number one in South African rowing when it comes to service and repairs of rowing boats and equipment.  Our recent launch of Winter Fleet Maintenance programs for schools and clubs has indicated our commitment to maintaining the best performance of our customer’s clubs. We have repaired a huge nuber of broken oars, boats and other equipment, and have recently been approached by a top international rowing union to service their rowing fleet in South Africa. Our repair and accessories section continues to grow from strength to strength.


The factory canoe section is headed up by Steven Riley, an individual whose selection into the South African Canoe Polo team a few years back ensures an intimate understanding of the paddler’s requirements; this section is in safe and capable hands.  Steve has also had a good few years’ experience working for and heading up sections at two other kayak manufacturing businesses, and has an immense pool of knowlege and experience to bring to the party.

Macarbi has created a niche for itself by offering paddlers ON TIME repairs, service and delivery. We have outsourced a large amount of our manufacturing to other top boat manufacturers, in order to focus more on our service to the customer.  This has also enabled us to expand our range of boats available dramatically, and we now offer an entire range, from absolute beginner boats to top level sprint boats.

Macarbi Kayaking offers all accessories, services, repairs and spares, and strives to make the sport more affordable and enjoyable for all paddlers.



Macarbi Carbon bicycle repairs is now an experienced outfit, and has succesfully repaired a large number of top-end carbon bicycleframes and wheels. Our repair technique has evolved from a complex rowing oar splint and double-sleeve repair process in order to ensure that any carbon break or crack on one’s cycling equipment is completely remedied. On average it costs R1000.00 to do a splint and double-sleeve repair, which is as strong and as balanced as the original product, saving the client up to R60 000.00 on the cost of a new frame.

We have even succesfully repaired frames that were accidentally driven into garage doors whilst fastened to vehicle roof-racks, frames that were initially considered totally irrepairable. Our confidence in the strength and weight of these repairs is complete, as we have spent numerous years repairing broken rowing oar shafts – items of equipment that come under stress and pressure levels many times higher than those on bicycle frames and wheels.

This is a very exciting development, as we are now able to offer bicycle owners an alternative to having to pay such high insurance premiums, as their equipment is no longer considered a write-off should it sustain a break or crack.





  1. Chinese Boats

Product Description:
Macarbi is proud to be the agent for two top rowing boat manufacturers in China, who are proving to be gaining a reputation for top quality, affordable boats and parts worldwide. There are currently a large number of our imported boats spread throughout the clubs in South Africa, this being a result of their affordable prices and their competitive quality. The prices are competitive even with locally built boats, and with our exceptional repair and maintenance workshop which is based at the heart of SA rowing, we offer the best follow-up services in town. Our Chinese range offers different levels of manufactured products, which means that we can offer well-priced boats to every level of rower, rather than offering ridiculously over-priced products. Call us for a pricing, we will help out in any manner that we possibly can.

  1. Second-Hand Rowing Equipment Market – SA

Product Description:
To date, we have managed to source a high number of second-hand boats for various athletes locally, an affordable way in which to acquire your own private racing shell. We have a vast contact network in the local rowing community, and as a result offer a hassel free medium in which to buy or sell boats.

Macarbi has, without doubt, the highest amount of foot traffic of any rowing agent in SA passing through our workshop at Wemmer Pan, which puts us in pole position when it comes to displaying equipment that you would like to sell. Simply contact us with an item that you’d like to purchase or sell, and we will ensure that the word gets out to the rowing community.

Second-hand items traded to date: Rowing boats, seats, footboards, NK equipment, Coxmate equipment, oars, gates, riggers, boat bags, oar bags, rowing shoes, rate watches, etc.

  1. Top Quality Riggers

Product Description:
Macarbi has secured the service of a highly qualified aluminum welding supplier, and has been manufacturing riggers locally, and very successfully, for a number of years. The riggers are more affordable than imported riggers, and can be custom made to fit any boat. Standard outstay and wing riggers available.

  1. Rowfit Riggers

Product Description:
Macarbi has been importing and selling Rowfit (Australia) products for a number of years, and the wing rigger style has become very popular, world-wide. Rowfit riggers have won numerous medals at world championship level, which is why we have secured the agency for these products. The quick release system makes them incredibly easy to handle, and the once-tedious task of rigging and de-rigging is now an absolute pleasure. Please call us for price and shipping information regarding this product.

  1. Coxmate

Product Description:
We are the proud agents for Coxmate, the manufacturers of excellent and highly popular cox boxes worldwide. This product is a worthy rival of the long-standing Nielssen Kellerman product, and has earned a wonderful reputation in the SA rowing market. Macarbi has also sourced a specialised service centre for these cox boxes, so once you have purchased the product from us, we can offer you the security of a good follow-up service.


  1. Nielssen Kellerman

Product Description:
We now are sub-agents for NK equipment in South Africa, and are able to supply all Cox-boxes and accessories, speedcoach and strokecoach systems, rate watches and other related NK equipment.



  1. Croker and Concept 2 Oars

Product Description:
Once again, our stive for excellence has led us to securing the sole rights to the Croker agency in South Africa, as well as retailing rights for Concept 2 equipment. Concept 2 and Croker oars and sculling blades are winning more and more medals at Olympic and World Championships level.

Oar repairs: Repairing broken or damaged oars is not a problem for our repair staff. We use an inner splint and multi-sleeve wrap repair system, with fantastic results. With the cost of importing new replacement oars, more and more customers are opting to repair their equipment in order to save a decent amount of valuable money. Please call or email us for any information that you might require.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Product Description:
Because Macarbi has realised the value of bringing top quality, affordable products into SA, we have identified the need to offer a top repair and maintenance backup service, in order to eliminate the risk of customers purchasing these products. Our boat builders, with more than 10 years’ experience, are perfectly qualified to do the best repairs on any damages that your products may have sustained, no matter what the product, or who the manufacturer was. We have repaired numerous rowing boats that were snapped completely in half (St Benedicts, St Mary’s, St Johns etc), replaced boat shoulders, fixed holes in hulls, fitted new decks, overhauled fleets, and much, much more. Once again, our repair and maintenance work is not only exceptional, but is affordable too.

  1. Rowing Accessories

Product Description:
Macarbi sources and offers all racing, training and coaching accessories to the SA rowing market. From rowing shoes and footboards, oars and riggers, gates and hatch covers, pitch gauges, T-Bolts and rigger bolts, runners and rowing seats to decking tapes and cox boxes, Macarbi will either have it in stock or will source it for you, hassle-free. Because service is the key to our success, we will make the effort to improve your rowing experience, whatever the requirement. For any advice, information or help, please call us; because we have rowed at the highest level, we believe that we will be able to offer you a sound solution.


  1. Riggers – local

Product Description:
We have been making riggers for the last 6 years, and have expanded our section to include the manufacture of wing riggers too. All parts are of top import quality, and our qualified aluminium welders ensure that all riggers manufactured and repaired are done so to the highest possible standards.


Kayaking Products

  1. River kayaks

Macarbi has positioned itself in order to be able to supply canoeists with most boats manufactured by most builders in SA. As a result, we are able to do the admin for you with ordering and securing the boat that you want, at the same price that you would purchase it for from any other retailer (manufacturers give us a retailer discount).

Simply call or email us with the type of boat that you are interested in, and we will do the rest for you.

  1. C-Class Boats

Product Description:
Nearly all the C-Class boats currently being raced in SA are built from Macarbi molds, and are very popular. The current SA marathon champion, Radek, has done most of his paddling in a locally Macarbi-built C1. This new SA sport is taking off rapidly, please contact us for details.

  1. Kayak Racing Products

Product Description:
Macarbi is in a building and selling relationship with Kayak Racing, a well-known builder in Gauteng. Macarbi will sell all Kayak Racing equipment, at the same price as any other retailer. The difference is that Macarbi will offer a non-stop follow-up repair and maintenance service with all boats bought, as well as training programmes, boat delivery schemes, and any other advice required. For better support and service, buy your boats through us. K1 Boats include: White-water boats, Nova, Manta, Athena, President, Cleaver Maxi, Cleaver X, Eagle 1, Eagle 2, Eagle 3, Hurricane, Kalypso, Pegasus and Strobe. K2s include: Zeus, Apollo, Regina, Eagle, Eagle hi-line, Fanfare, Fanfare hi-line. K3: Trio.

  1. Knysna Racing Kayaks

Product Description:
As with Kayak Racing, Macarbi also retails Knysna Racing products, at the same price as other retailers, but with a better post-purchase service offer. K1s include: Lancer, Laser, Matrix, Matrix Sprint, Stilleto Slimline, Vajda, Slalom Fox, Slalom Quattro, Slalom Touch. K2s include: Clone 1, Clone 2, Dagger Maxi, Vajda.

  1. Canoe Concepts

Product Description:
Macarbi now also serves as a re-seller of Canoe Concepts products.

  1. Accessories

Product Description:
As a result of our business relationships with other kayak and accessory providers, we are able to source and provide all kayaking accessories.

  1. Fishing skis and surf skis

Product Description:
As with kayaks shipped up from Natal, we do the same with fishing and surf skis, once again, at the same prices offered in Natal. Call us with your requirements, and we will sort it out! Once again, all skis purchased through us come with a follow-up service agreement.

  1. Paddles

Product Description:
Our main paddle partner is H2O Sport, who we believe build the strongest and most reliable paddles in SA. Numerous top paddlers use these paddles, and they are totally affordable. Macarbi however also retails all other paddles built in SA. Call or mail us for prices. We also repair all paddles.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Product Description:
Macarbi is focusing on doing the best, most efficient, most affordable repairs in the business. We will support all paddlers when and where we can, will make an effort to collect and deliver boats, and offer specials and discounts to those customers loyal to us. Phone us and rate our service.


Cycling Repairs

  1. Carbon/Epoxy repairs

Macarbi has taken the technology gleaned from years of composite work on top-end water racing equipment and has developed a very succesful bicycle carbon repair section. We have repaired numerous disk wheels, a large number of bicycle frames and other carbon cycling accessories. We are happy to refer you to previous customers should you require a work reference. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on cost and on repair methodology.




Technology will ultimately produce the best boats.  Speed, strength, durability, stiffness in sprint boats, weight and overall quality are some of the things that Macarbi strives for daily, whilst repairing or having our range of boats and products manufactured.

We are fortunate to have had a head start technologically, as the rowing boat manufacturing side of the business started operating over 10 years ago.  As rowing boats need to be incredibly light but strong, stiff and fast, our team of technicians has gained valuable experience in all of the right areas in order to provide top quality kayaks, whilst making use of the best composites around.

We have researched all of the building materials around for the various lay-ups required per boat class, and have found the correct recipe to give us the desired results, namely light, strong boats, with the right ratios of stiffness and flexibility, depending on the type of boat.

Our innovations program that was implemented at the beginning of 2005 has already offered numerous technological improvements, and is fast-gaining momentum, ensuring a bright future for Macarbi and the South African paddler.

Stephen Riley, our workshop manager, has been building kayaks for various well-known kayak manufacturers for many years, and is constantly looking to make even faster, lighter, stronger boats.




Hull Shapes
Macarbi has access to numerous boat suppliers, covering the various weight categories, from singles to eights. Our range of hull shapes accommodates all levels of ability. We are always looking at new hull designs and shapes in order to stay ahead of our competition, providing the customer with the correct shape to fit his or her requirements.

The Wing rigger 
Many boats supplied by Macarbi are designed with wing riggers, giving them a stiffer feel with a more solid connection. The riggers put less stress on the hull, and allow less water to enter the boat in rough conditions.

Imported Materials 
In order to ensure that we offer the best quality product possible, we use imported carbon cloths, kevlar and nomex honeycomb. We also use the most advanced resin matrix available on the South Africa market.

Precision Fittings
Every care is taken to ensure that all our boat fittings are of top standard (many are imported), allowing ease of adjustment and precise set-up.

Lean Production
Macarbi has implemented a manufacturing process know as “lean production”, bringing world class manufacturing/repair techniques to the rowing and kayaking industry. This means we are able to produce better quality products in shorter lead times and at better prices than our competitors, providing the customer with “more boat for the money paid”.

Post Curing
We are the first rowing boat supply company in South Africa to ensure the availability of post-cured boats. By having our boats post cured, we can produce stiffer products with greater durability, meaning that equipment will perform better and last longer.


Macarbi Racing Shells and Kayaks

Andrew Maclachlan
cell: 082 786 0940

Stephen Riley
cell: 082 462 6860

Factory address:
Wemmer Pan Rowing Club
Wemmer Pan – Pioneer Park
Rosettenville Rd
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Postal Address:
P.O.Box 2387

Fax Number: 086 503 6851